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Northstar Charters in the "Lower 48"

The time has come to retire a very reliable vessel and the one I learned to navigate on...

The Tres Amigos our 18 foot RIB (rigid-hull inflatable boat) has served pilgrims for the past 10 years but is showing her age, she turns 49 this year...just like me.

I'm on the road now fundraising for the Saint Seraphim landing craft. Our goal is to raise $70,000.00 to purchase the vessel (which was built specifically for trips to Monks Lagoon) and upgrade it's navigation system.

I will be in Indianapolis, Indiana Sunday, March 24th and Columbus, Ohio on Wednesday, March 27th, Portland, Oregon April 6th-7th and Chicago, Illinois May 19th.

The Tres Amigos in Monks Lagoon

Pilgrims aboard the Saint Seraphim enroute to Monks Lagoon

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