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Pilgrims at Monks Rock

Our Mission

  1. To serve pilgrims and tourists sharing and preserving the legacy of St. Herman and providing the means of safely transporting pilgrims to and from Monk's Lagoon and any other local navigational points by sea which tell the story of St. Herman's life and legacy.

  2. To support mission trips throughout the Deanery: by transporting clergy, choir members, mission teams & parishioners of Holy Resurrection Cathedral to the villages of Ouzinkie & Port Lions as well as the cultural camp of Dig Afognak and to more effectively support the mission of the village churches by offering educational opportunities to better understand our Orthodox heritage on Kodiak and Afognak islands.

  3. To serve the greater Kodiak and village communities by proxy subsistence fishing for those in need

  4. To involve young people in a mentoring relationship with local professionals in learning proper seamanship, vessel maintenance and subsistence fishing. To build character through responsibility (proper seamanship), inspiration through learning (vessel maintenance) and charity to those in need (subsistence fishing). All goals require engagement with the community, personal initiative and demanding mental and physical labor.

  5. To offer respite to those serving the church for spiritual refreshment and professional renewal.

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